Monday, June 9, 2008

wait for it....

Tomorrow there will be photos of our house, freshly painted with the accent trim. I'll warn you now, we didn't entirely take your advice. But it looks awesome and we love it. And our neighbors do too. Unless they're just saying that out of fear that we'll come after their homes next.

In other news, I think I have pneumonia again. Crap.

And while yes, it did FINALLY stop snowing, it has now decided to RAIN every bloody day in the month of June. We're down to MAYBE 2 months of summer weather now. I'm SO GLAD I MOVED AWAY FROM THE OREGON COAST.

But I'm not bitter.


Dee said...

Pneumonia ! Of course you are going to the dr. today. I am so sorry you are so sick. Yesterday you said you felt better, and I noted that you hadn't stood up yet. geeeeeeze
Can't wait to see the house. If you didn't quite take advice, that means you took none of it . We'll see if you get thumbs up or down. But, I'm glad you like it. That's what counts.
Yes, its good you left the coast, you wouldn't like rain every day !

jpogue said...

Bummer you're sick. Jake is too. It's been going around. Can't wait to see the pics tomorrow!

jpogue said...

I'm waiting.


For the pictures.

Still waiting...