Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the sunshine house

Here it is, in all it's sunshiney glory. Now, I know some of you (read ALL) voted against painting the sun, but we HAD to.

See, one time shortly after David and I very first got together, and he was still living in Alaska and he and Anna hadn't yet met, he and I were talking on the phone. Anna wanted to talk to him, but she was too shy. So we decided to sing him and song, and we sang "You Are My Sunshine". Well, apparently, for him, that was IT. Sitting in Alaska that December day, fresh out of a very ugly marriage and divorce, he saw "the light at the end of the tunnel" when he heard us singing that song. And from then on, he has called us his "two sunshines". So you see, we just HAD to paint that sun, with it's three rays reaching toward the sky.

In other news, I think I MAY live, although I do have bronchitis/pneumonia and I slept until ELEVEN THIRTY today! It's a good thing too, because if I'd woken up when David and Anna got up, I'd have killed myself because IT SNOWED people. That's right. June, what, 10th?

Al Gore is a LIAR.

Global warming my ass.


Jacki said...

ahhh... its not so bad after all. And the story behind it makes it even better. I still think you should add the orange flower box under the window... that is, after you shovel the snow!

Dee said...

I love it ! And now that we know the rest of the story-----it all makes sense. You can put a plaque at the sidewalk to tell the story and everyone walking by will know the sweet meaning.
I agree with Jacki, someday the flower box, when yall get time.
Get well soon. love you !

jpogue said...

What a sweet story. I'm surprised he ever called you again after you sang to him. Actually, I love it. Love the color too. Adds just what you needed for great curb appeal!

So are you taking the week off work? I would.

kate said...

Yes, it will look better once we get some landscaping in (I'm envisioning bright orange poppies!) and I get my flower pots hung up. David literally finished the porch accents last night at about 9pm, so the tarp and paper and stuff is all still up. But I'd promised a picture today and I can't let my audience down, now can I??

Anonymous said...

Love it! As if you cared!! Sheri

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

I agree, if we'd known the story, we would have all voted FOR painting the sunshine. So cool!

Robyn said...

Yep, I can't believe it, but I love it. Cute little sun.

maya said...

i wasn't here for the voting, but i think that sun looks supercool. it's so happy!