Wednesday, April 2, 2008


(you must click on each picture to fully enjoy the unbearable cuteness)

My friend Greg, who lives in the small ocean-side Oregon town where we lived for 8 years, sent me these pictures the other day. His wife owned an art-gallery next door to our bookstore; their daughter was exactly one year older than Anna. This is Annika and Anna, sitting in the old rocker where I used to sit, every day, and rock Anna to sleep while looking out at the Pacific ocean. Look at Anna's gorgeous blue eyes and white-blond hair. Such a cutie. Such a sweetie-pie-peanut-snuggle-bug who is in Arizona right now with her daddy and she's only been gone for 24 hours and it feels much longer and my GOD it was quiet in the house last night. But I don't miss her or anything. Nope. Not at all.


Dee said...

Kids are all so very cute when they're little and when they're asleep !
Anna is by far the cutest of the two. ( not predjudiced !)
I loved that old rocker. Do you still have it?

kate said...

Eric got custody of the rocker. That is literally the ONLY thing we argued over when it came to splitting stuff up! But I didn't really fight that hard; he needs all the furniture he can get! :) Now that I think of it, our deal was he got the rocker and I got the espresso machine. Which croaked about a month after I moved out. hhmmpph.

Jacki said...

I'll send you my kids for the week!