Tuesday, April 22, 2008

eau d' boy dog

As you know, we have the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD, Moby, and we are currently dog-sitting Moby's brother, Levi for a week. These dogs are polar-opposites, yin and yang. Moby is all black, Levi is all white (which makes me want to sing "Ebony and Ivory"...but that's another story). Moby is Mr. Mellow, while Levi is Mr. Anxious. He is skittish and nervous and just about jumps out of his skin when you walk into the room until he gets comfortable with you. He is also extremely needy and must have love and affection at all times. Moby's attitude toward affection is "Meh. I guess since I'm just laying here anyway, sure, you can pet me if you want." But Levi is, like Moby, a sweet, sweet boy: very smart and affectionate and playful. Anna is CRAZY about him, and he is crazy about her. Plus, he and Moby just seem to belong together. Anna and I have secretly been plotting to keep Levi.

And then all that changed for me this morning.

I grabbed a jacket out of the mud-room (aka the room the dogs hang out in during the day, with access to the back yard). So I put on my coat and get in the car, and as I'm driving along, I'm thinking, something smells F.U.N.K.Y in my car. Now, if it was my old car it could have been any number of things: a sippy-cup of soy milk that had slipped beneath a seat and stayed there for 4 years, the 16 rotting banana peels on the floor, the half-eaten muffin molding under Anna's old booster seat...or hell, the filthy and stained booster seat itself. But now that I have this fabulous new car, I have been keeping it spotless and all you can smell is leather. But the longer I drove, the smell got worse and worse and at some point just this side of the rez, I realized: IT'S DOG PEE. And since no dog has been in my car, there was only one explanation:


Because you know, boy dogs MUST pee on everything, to make sure that all other boy dogs know: This is MY territory. I've been marked.

It took every ounce of strength I could muster to not pull over to the side of the road immediately and rip that stinking fleece coat off my body. So now I'm going to smell like dog pee all day.

But hey. At least it's not snowing.

How's your day?


Jacki said...

well, if there's a bright side, all the males in your office will know this is YOUR territory.

Dee said...

Jacki, that's a twist ! I was thinking how nice that you, Kate, found something good about the day. That's the bright side.
So get a plastic bag to put that stinky thing in, leave it in the car, so it doesn't smell up the office or the car ! yuk.
Now, you can plot how to kill Levi.
or lock him in the garage, or take him for a walk and lose him.