Wednesday, April 23, 2008

bring on the rain

Tomorrow, Anna and I are off to Oregon for a long weekend visiting family (Lala in Portland) and friends (Ra Ra! and Julie on the coast).

After the ENDLESS WINTER we've had, in which so much snow was dumped on us that if I ever have the opportunity to meet Al Gore in person, I'm going to kick his ass for making us believe in something called "Global Warming", well, I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to simply getting RAINED ON in Oregon.

There will be walking on the beach, collecting cool rocks and agates, eating breakfast at the Grateful Bread and perhaps some wine consumed while visiting with old, dear friends.

And maybe, just maybe, a stealthy visit to a storage shed where I happen to know that the old wooden "Migrations" sign from our coffee shop/bookstore is sitting, waiting to be liberated...

Have a happy weekend! See ya'll on Monday!


Dee said...

Have a WONDERFUL time in Oregon, step into the ocean for us here in Idaho. We'll be thinking of you enjoying !!!!!!! love you !

Helen said...

Enjoy your trip!
Just popping over to say thank you for your comment on my blog tutorial the other day :D

MP said...

I'm loving that picture in your header..very nice.

I wanna go to Oregon..I wanna go everywhere... If I won the lottery I would travel to a different place once a month.

MP said... havent' read me in at LEAST a week cause I updated my blogroll thingy and forgot to add you...and you didn't catch it.. I did though so don't worry about it you are up there now.

jpogue said...