Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't drink the Kool Aid!!

Oh man, have you seen this video ? (sorry, I'm not smart enough to be able to embed the video on to my blog.) But go watch it. Be sure to pour yourself a good stiff drink first.

Some wing-nut Christian organization has decided that Oprah is the anti-Christ. The irony is that they are promoting a book called "Don't Drink the Kool-Aid". Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't you have to be fairly brain-washed to see any sort of conspiracy-theory behind Oprah's practices?? Empowering people to believe in themselves ?! Gasp! She MUST be working closely with Satan. Can you imagine what the world would be like if every person was ACCOUNTABLE for his or her own life?? Total mahem! The only thing keeping us in line is Jesus!

Here's what I don't get about followers of organized religion: if they are so certain that what they believe is THE one and only way, why not just live their lives according to THEIR beliefs and leave every one else alone? Why are they (some, not all) threatened by people believing something else? Now, I love me some chocolate. My good friend Cathy, however, does not. She prefers - gasp! - fruit pie. Does this mean I should distrust and/or HATE her? Should I haze her, shake my chocolate bar at her and threaten her with eternal damnation? No. It simply means that there is more chocolate in the world for me.

The funny thing is, Oprah is actually quite spiritual. She believes in "God". True, the God she believes may not exactly match that of Christianity, but how can any church or organization fault her for promoting accountabililty, love and kindness??

I think they drank the Kool-Aid.


Blank Girl said...

Good post, it got me thinking.

Here's the cruz, though, of arguing that there are many ways to the path of "God" -- that argument is exclusively inclusive. That is, believing there are many paths is a form of believing there's only one path.

I just do my best to bite my tongue whenever anyone claims that there is one path by EITHER exclusion or inclusion. If you do believe there are many paths, then you must not exclude those who believe their path is the only path, because you're basically arguing the same thing. You're just arguing for inclusion as opposed to those who argue for exclusion. Clear as mud?

My thing is, there must be absolute truth. There must be. Otherwise some of would die and some of us wouldn't. But the fact of the matter is that we all die, and really that's one of the only absolute truths/paths that we all are subject to. Everything else is a matter of perspective.

I think we're in agreement that if everyone found peace with themselves and loved people for who they are, that this world would be much better to live in. But at the same time, it'd be a homogeneous boring existence if we all believed the same thing.

So, here's to shadow that help us appreciate the light! ;)


kate said...

Oh, I agree; I don't WANT us to all believe the same thing. That would be boring as hell and then I'd have nothing to rant about. ;)

You know I'm not arguing there are many paths to God since I don't believe there IS a God to find.

I just don't understand how anyone who believes there is ONE path can't, then, consider that there may be more than one.

As always, Heather, I love hearing your perspective!

So do you and Jake both think I'm the biggest, dorkiest optimist in the world?? Don't think I didn't get your reference in the last line, stinker. You and Jake deserve each other! ha! :) (and I mean that in the best possible way, of course.) Love you!! xoxo

Dee said...

Well, I see you found something.

First of all, the quotes they show of Oprah with a guest----she is rephrasing what they said (and/or believe) so it will be understood by listeners. That doesn't mean she advocates those beliefs. Second, those people should get a life---they simply doen't have enough to do. Third, that entire video is a bunch of crap.
And that is my highly intelligent, high fallutin' take on the subject.

jpogue said...

Yes, your post got me thinking too.

Personally, my favorite path is the yellow brick road. It is the ONLY path that is yellow, and brick, and it is the ONLY way to get to the great Wizard.

Unless you're a flying monkey.

But you do have to be cautious of the mean apple tree and the field of flowers that put you to sleep. I guess that means there are creepy things along the path.

And THAT is the absolute truth. Ppphhhttt!

Dee said...

Jodi, I see you are a deep thinker also. One can read much into your thoughts here. Reading between the lines----great analogy.
Now Heather was serious. My opinion, on the other hand, was as deep thinking as I can accomplish.