Monday, February 4, 2008

red, blue and rainbow all over

I'm bursting with pride for my two "home states", Idaho and Oregon. First, Barack Obama came to Boise on Saturday and shocked everyone in this "reddest of red states" by drawing a crowd of over 14,000! That's almost double what was expected.

And then Oregon, my dear, sweet bi-polar, schizophrenic Oregon (divided literally and figuratively down the middle by the Cascade Mountains, with "lefties" on the left and conservatives on the right) today began legally recognizing "domestic partners", giving gay and lesbian couples the same rights as married couples. They will now be legally recognized as co-parents to their children, will be treated as a legal partner when it comes to hospitalization and insurance benefits. Just in time for "Freedom to Marry" week, which starts February 10th. In this day and age, I can't imagine why anyone could deny another person the right to marry whomever he or she loves. How can wanting to commit be wrong?

So good job, people of Idaho and Oregon. I'm proud to have called you neighbors, friends and family.


Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Wow! Cool! I'm proud of my two states too!


jpogue said...

The crowd was huge! Over a thousand had to stand outside!

HEY! Linda commented! OK, erase that big ass comment I put on there trying to help you fix it - it was something I found under help. So what did you do to fix it?????

Dee said...

Well, I'm very proud of Oregon ! Proud of Idaho too, but what Oregon did is the way it should have been long ago. Good for them !