Monday, February 25, 2008

lazy sunday

Yesterday was lazy in the most lovely way. Just David and I, him stringing tennis racquets and me embroidering by the fire. Nice.

This little hedgehog is based on some of my favorite Japanese fabric; this piece will be a wallhanging for the bedroom of two special little girls, Skylar and Piper.


jpogue said...


Dee said...

I LIKE it. And they will love it.
What a lovely, contented way to spend Sunday.

Robyn said...

You embroider?! Dude, too cute. I swear, everyone in the world does all this cute stuff except me. I am obviously cute-deficient.

LOVE the hedgehog!

kate said...

Thanks Robyn! It's surprisingly easy; I just bought a couple of books (or you can get them from the library of course)and started playing around. You should try it!