Sunday, February 10, 2008

but i'm not bitter

So yesterday David and I participated in our first-ever caucus. We really didn't know what to expect, but we did know for sure that I was 100% behind Obama, and David was going in completely uncommitted to either of our options. Now, we're both pretty passionate about politics, so we spend a good amount of time discussing the situation. And try as I might (and trust me, I did everything short of telling him he'd never get laid again unless he voted for Obama in the caucus), he was not to be swayed. If anything, he was leaning more toward Hillary WHICH MADE ME CRAZY. How could he not see it?? Hillary is just more of the same: privileged, white and willing to be bought. But one of the things I love most about David is that he's not one to decide anything lightly; he'll question and research and read everything he can get his eyeballs on and consider every. single. angle. He is still unhappy that Kucinich dropped out; he wants to talk about how TWO parties aren't enough, how we should have more options. My point (which I may have mentioned a few times) was that regardless of what we NEED, we currently DO have a two party system and he needed to shut the fuck up and vote for Obama. ahem.

So we get to the caucus station and we're milling's quite unorganized and people are gathered into groups according to their precincts and some people are standing on chairs addressing their groups and our group leader doesn't seem to be doing much of anything. So as we're just waiting, we spot Witchie Poo (aka Eric's girlfriend) who is, it turns out a rabid Hillary supporter. That did it; when it was time for us to sign in and list our preference, AFTER ALL MY PERSUASIVE ARGUMENTS AND ULTIMATUMS, David wrote down "Obama". All to spite Jennifer. (Which is a sweet gesture in and of itself, but still.)

Finally things begin to happen, and our precinct organizer gives us the chance to speak up and make a case for his or her candidate. After several people had stood up and told us why they intended to vote for one or the other, David, much to my surprise, raised his hand and said he'd like to say something. “Hmmpph.” I thought. “Mr. Undecided has something to say, does he??” Well, he began speaking, about how we as Americans can and should demand more than a two-party system, that we can and should demand health-care for all, that we can and that we MUST question our government. That we must not be afraid to speak out and that if necessary, we should be willing to strike as they do in other countries. That we, the people of America, must remember that government is supposed to work FOR US, not the other way around. And that if we ARE going to have only a two-party system, we MUST hold our politicians to a higher standard and demand that they hear us and act accordingly. I'm paraphrasing, but it was a remarkable, articulate and passionate speech. People cheered. One guy yelled "YOU run for office!" and people made their way over to us to pat him on the back and thank him for saying what they, too, believed. And then, when our precinct split up between the Hillary supporters and the Obama supporters, it was time for each group to vote to choose our delegates to participate in the state caucus.


I told my mom about this, and said that at least I'm an alternate. And that I was seriously considering, you know, poisoning David's dinner the night before the caucus so that I (the RIGHTFUL OWNER OF THE GOLDEN TICKET GODDAMNIT) could attend in his place. She mentioned that I might not want to kill him, since he is my fiancé. And I said "Oh, I don't plan to kill him. I'm just going to make him very, VERY uncomfortable."


jpogue said...

I wish I understood the caucus system better but it sounds like it was fun! I'm proud of you for being so involved in politics. I've always been passionate about voting but have never gotten involved in the actual process. So where does David go for the state caucus?

Dee said...

And Mr. Undecided is now Public Speaker No. 1. Verrrrrry in-ter-est-ing ! Well, apparently he will get people enthused ! And you said you don't like to speak publickly, you just want to BE THERE ! Too bad you can't just go !

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

You blow my mind sis. You are so damn cute! I kinda like you!

kate said...

Lala, what exactly do you mean by that? Huh??

Jod, he gets to go to....wait for it...SPOKANE! ha! At least he doesn't get an all-expense-paid trip to Seattle or something. Then I'd REALLY be bitter. ;0)

La La La said...

Hey Kate,

Are your sure Witchie Poo and/or her beau dont' read your blog? Just wondering.

The Obama tide is tempting but I'm just so excited that a woman could's a big deal for me even though all you say about her is true.

Tell David I caucused for Kucinich in 2004! He's the only US politician I totally respect.


jpogue said...

Ok, who is this Linda ada La La and what has she done with my sister??? She didn't comment on me busting my arse in the parking lot and she sent me a valentine card. WHERE IS MY REAL SISTER? I WANT HER BACK!