Friday, February 29, 2008

Actual conversation I had with my daughter this morning after having to ask her approximately 304 times to get dressed:

"NOW what is the matter?? Jesus!"
"I just pulled my hair really really hard!" (??!!)

"Well Anna, SHIT HAPPENS."

Now those are some words of wisdom right there. And empathy. I'm not proud of it, but damn. I don't know if she's been more whiney than usual this week or if it's because mommy has stopped drinking.

Sweet baby jesus, I don't know HOW our mothers did it without happy pills and/or alcohol. And I only have ONE child.


Robyn said...

WHAT?! You stopped drinking? Whyyyyyy would you do such a thing?

Perhaps I need to come over for an intervention. What I am going to do is get all the liquor OUT of the cabinet, then lock it so you can't put any of it away.

kate said...

Oh Robyn, I've been asking myself the same thing. Every. Day.

Why aren't you my next-door neighbor??

Dee said...

Yeah, why ? I thought only pregnant ladies gave up drinking.

jpogue said...

I'm TERRIBLY sorry to tell you this, but YOU. ARE. STEVE.



jpogue said...

So if you're giving up drinking, are you going to take up smoking? (wink wink)

kate said...


Besides, unlike Steve or dad or you, I refrained from threatening to break her arm. ;)

kate said...

and besides, I am usually extremely (if not overly)sympathetic. But PULLING YOUR OWN HAIR??