Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I was going to write about how January is making me cranky and my job is making me homicidal. But...well, that's no fun.

So! Let's see. This weekend I made two shirts; one for Anna (can you guess which?) and one for Nichole. Her family has a VW Camper Van; I found this fabric and fell in love with it and knew I had to do something for her. So her daughter Syringa got a purple t-shirt for Christmas (which I forgot to photograph) and Nichole gets this one for birthday. Both with camper vans, of course!

On Friday I played hooky (I NEEDED a mental health day) and spent the day downtown with Christina and her mom Diane, who is visiting from Northern California. We had a blast, especially in my favorite store, where I bought these:

The top one is for me to use at work (ha!), the bottom one is for David's mother. This is exactly what her three loving sons call her. She thinks it's hilarious. So when I saw this mug, I just knew I had to get it for her.

This store has so many of these magnets and coffee cups and note pads. We spent over an hour just laughing ourselves silly over them. One of them said "I've finished your laundry! The ashes are in the fireplace!" Christina bought a magnet that says "I swear I child-proofed my house, but they keep getting in!" I just found their site; if you need a coffee cup to describe your mood, or the perfect irreverent magnet to give a friend, go here.

Oh jeebus. I just saw these two:

I swear, I'm going to buy stock in this company.


jpogue said...

MY KIND OF PLACE! I see me in almost all of those! I'm going there and you're all gettin' it for Christmas!

jpogue said...

I love your new picture!

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Ditto to both of Jodi's comments. The photo almost makes January look pleasant. But I know better!

Dee said...

Geeeee, you TRIED to be pleasant, you didn't spill all your ugly feelings, and then your sweet sister compares you to a badger ! Boy, will I be glad when January is over so you'll all cheer up-----since I am so damn happy.

Dr. Laura said...

Hey Kate,

Your craftiness and upbeat mood are unbelievable! I'm so glad to hear even you need mental health days. I'm trying to find you email address - my mom i sstill here and benn using my phone everyday so I feel sort of cut off...the trials of Saskia continue. I was wondering if she and Anna could have a playdate on either Sat. Jan 25 or the Sunday the weekend after that depending on your schedule with Erik.

Let's talk soon!


creskypie said...

Dearest Katie,
There is no one like you. Thank goodness we're neighbors now with sleepovers. And extra coffee in the morning. And extra wine at night. Love you and thank you for turning me into a computer junkie. Just what I needed. C