Thursday, January 10, 2008

I love my commute

We have SO MUCH SNOW here in the Spokane area; more than I've ever seen, I think. Which means all the wildlife is coming down lower and lower to find food. Today on my drive to work, I saw:

Two very colorful (against the snow) male Pheasants in a field beside the road.

3 Bald Eagles soaring above the trees.

Two deer struggling through the deep snow.

A coyote, waiting for just the right moment to cross the road.

And a herd of Elk, walking in a meadow just below tree-line. I counted 8 of them. This is maybe only the 4-5 time IN MY LIFE I've seen a herd of elk in the wild.

I feel sorry for people in LA or Seattle, stuck bumper to bumper staring at concrete buildings. I'll take my hour long drive through the Palouse any day!


Dee said...

That's beautiful. And its so great that you enjoy it. Most people don't see the wildlife and only complain about the long boring drive. You even enjoy and take pictures of horses on the ridge. ! " M R Horses "

Dee said...

this thing takes out spaces !
" M----R---Horses"