Tuesday, January 29, 2008

scenes from a self-imposed snow day

This is near the intersection in front of our house, the one where EVERY SINGLE CAR that attempted to go through it got stuck. I saw at least 25 cars bog down in a 24 hour period. I seriously considered sitting on the porch taking pictures of each car but decided that would be cruel. Look how much fun Moby is having.

Moby on the sidewalk on our block. Some people feel it is important to shovel or snow-blow their sidewalks so that passers-by can safely navigate. David and I believe that that if you are foolish enough to attempt to go for a walk, you can use the damn road. Which is our city government can't be bothered to plow either. The UPS man got stuck in front of Eric's house for 4 hours yesterday! He's just lucky I wasn't expecting any shoes or there'd have been hell to pay.

I love the snow-covered branches and berries against the brilliant blue sky...

The icicles outside our kitchen window. This morning they are about 5-6 inches longer than this!

oops! guess I should have taken the bird-feeder down this fall...

after I got bored watching cars get stuck in front of the house, I decided to make a "door snake" to cover up the huge gap letting in cold air at the bottom of the front door. Because it's important to have a cute door snake, don't you agree?

door snake in action. oh my, would you look at that? it even matches our rug.

I made a belt too:
which, um, also matches the door snake. Because I'm creative like that.


jpogue said...

Great pictures! Hey, looking at that picture of the belt you made, it doesn't look like you need to lose any weight! Your stomach looks pretty flat in that picture!

Dee said...

All that gorgeous snow ! And blue sky---what contrast ! I can't believe how deep it is, golly. That's a bunch !
Its snowing here----all morning, but very fine. Roads are extremely slick, cars have gone off the roads, freeway a mess, a GOOD day to stay home. Jodi drove to bowling and it was easy with her 4 wheel drive.
Did you go to work today?

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

pretty snow!

And I LOVE the belt!

Dee said...

Your door snake and belt are both so great. You are so creative. I've used door snakes in the past but they were rolled up towels. I didn't think to make a decorative one. way to go !