Wednesday, January 2, 2008

when did I turn into a person who posts photos of christmas cookies?

Seriously. WTF?

Ok, moving on.

Yesterday we took the tree down and put away the 948 snowflakes and the snowman and snow-woman that sing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" over and over and OVER. Oh, how I'll miss those until next year.

Anyway, when packing the ornaments, it was decided that the boxes needed proper labels, so David took Anna into the "Man Room" he introduced her to label-making. Because it's not enough that he's now got her hoarding card-board. Anyway, she was so giddy with the power of labeling EVERYTHING that she thoughtfully did this:

Also, I got a sticker on my arse that said "Mommy's butt". Just in case anyone had trouble finding it.


Dee said...

So now we know what kind of wine you drink ! ----- And you let your little daughter use the terms "ass" and "butt" ? I didn't start using words like that till I was in my late 50s. Oh, sure, I swore, but this is ordinary conversation. ----?

kate said...

OF COURSE I let her use those words, as long as she uses them properly in a sentence. she knows that if she ever says those things outside this house (or in front of anyone other than us) she'll get in big trouble. My theory on this is that the more you forbid something, the more attractive it becomes. I know what you're thinking: "So what, you're going to let her smoke pot now too?"

Only if she shares.

I love you mom! You did the best you could. Maybe I really WAS switched in the hospital. :)