Friday, January 18, 2008

this is my new motto

"When I think of all the jobs in the world that I have ever had and ever will complain about, I will from this day forward remind myself that, Yes, this may be boring/thankless/a pain in the ass, but at least I'm not shaving a baby bulldog's butthole."

thankyou, fussy.


Dee said...

Gee I wish I hadn't read that !

Dee said...

how desperate can you be to post that and read it in the first place !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its time you found another job where you are too busy to be doing this kind of thing. !

kate said...

Oh come on mom, don't tell me that didn't make you laugh.

You're right about that boredom thing, though, but that is a blog I will keep reading no matter how busy I am. That is some good, quality writing, there. :)

Dee said...

'Specially about the "hairy" issue.

Are you considering my awesome idea of Bounty Hunter?

Dee said...

Lala says she'll do it with you !

ahhhh, Pistol Packin' Mamas.

kate said...

No, like I told her, I'm a pacifist 'cept when it comes to spiders.

Come up with something that doesn't involve criminals and weapons.

jpogue said...

ok sister, new blog!