Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ok, so...

apparently some people are tired of my "baby bulldog" story and have requested a new post. The thing is, you see, I've been HOUSE BOUND with a sick 7 year old for FIVE DAYS. I don't know what is going on in the outside world...but if you want to know anything about about Hannah Montana, Junie B. Jones or Webkins, I'm your gal.

It's bloody cold as hell here (which, when you think about it, makes NO sense whatsoever); it's SEVEN DEGREES right now. In Anchorage, it's a balmy 27. My car has been under a 5 inch blanket of snow for 6 days and there is so much snow in the yard that Moby has taken to peeing on the deck so that he doesn't have to get his paws wet. Nice. How I'd love to be waking up somewhere warm and tropical today, knowing that it was going to be 80 degrees with a light warm breeze. I'd throw on a bikini (hey, it's my fantasy, damn it, and in it I weigh 120 lbs.) and spend the day snorkeling with Anna and David. Any sunny, tropical island would do, as long as we had nothing to do but play in the water and lay on the warm sand all day.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be, and what would you be doing?


jpogue said...

Oh my Gob, that's too funny about Moby - just plain spoiled.

That's too weird about your sunny destination. You won't believe what I've been researching! I was watching International House Hunters on HGTV a few days ago and saw some people looking at 3 houses in Belize. Do you know you can buy a 10 acre farm with 3 houses or small resort with palm covered buildings for $350,000! Anyway, I think Ival and I are going to go sometime next winter and look at property for real! We probably couldn't move there for some time but what a place to live! Their crime rate consists of vandalism and stealing, they have free elections, they speak English and when you buy a property, it comes with all the furnishings, cows, horses, ATVs and everything! It's also some of the best fishing and snorkeling in the world.

You would definately want to build some kind of underground bunker for hurricanes if you truly want to live there. How 'bout we ALL go next fall to look! They say if you can do your job with a cell phone or computer, you don't even have to find a job. It must not cost much to live there because you only have to have an income of $1,000 a month to retire there.

Here's one we found right up near the jungle - it's a little more money.

Do your own search for property in Belize or Cayo or Orange Walk!

(what's wrong with Anna?)

jpogue said...

Oh, and I went to a Peace Officers memorial meeting yesterday adn was there first with a gal who works at a bank. We were talking about how cold it was and I told her about looking for property in Belize. She said she has a customer who owns a home there and that they go in the winter but sometimes they go somewhere else because their home is right on the beach and all there is to do is fish or snorkel or beach stuff. I told her we were more interested in jungle property.

They have monkeys and macaws! Oh, one property I lloked at also has an ancient Mayan Ruin on it - is that freakin' cool or what?

(I hope mom wants to go to Belize for her retirment years!) What a great place to grow up if you're a kid!

kate said...

That's weird; I was watching HGTV yesterday (while I'm house-bound) and saw a couple buying property in St. Martin (NOT cheap) and another in Honduras (cheap). Both couples wanted to "simplify" their lives but each bought HUGE monster homes, just because they could afford to. Me, I'd be happy with a jungle hut (as long as there were no creepy-crawlies.)

Belize? HELL YA! As for mom, if she puts up a fight, we'll just drug her and when she wakes up, she'll be in a hammock wearing a bikini, with a foo foo drink in her hand and a man named Miguel to meet all her needs. She'll be FINE. :)

Let's start planning a trip!

Anna just has a cold, very stuffy nose and deep cough. But she's had a fever off and on for days. Yesterday we were taking a nap and she woke up laughing. She just laughed and laughed and laughed and wouldn't say a word even though I kept asking "What's so funny? What are you doing?"...then she closed her eyes and went back to sleep for 3 more hours. It FREAKED ME OUT! I thought she was posessed!

She's going back to school tomorrow.

jpogue said...

Hey Kate, I found an American online who moved to Belize in 1992 so I emailed her with some questions. Here's her answers (in quotes). I think we'll try to go to Belize in mid-August to check it out. You and David and Linda and Bob need to come. Here's the email I sent with her answers.

Dear Jodi -

Belize is a fine place to live, but only you can decide if it is where you want to be. That means coming to Belize sooner than later and seeing the country. It will at least be a wonderful adventure !

Find more comments below in blue in the text of your message to me ..........

Wow, I hope this is still your email address. I feel so lucky to have found the questions and answer info you have on the internet. My huband and I are seriously considering purchasing property in Belize. We would like to come this year but probably wouldn't actually move there for a few more years. While it's always nice to "visit" a wonderful place like Belize, I would love to hear from an American who actually did it before we committ.

We wouldn't be interested in beach property, but rather a farm property where it wouldn't take too long to get to the beach.

The most likely location in which to find a farm not too far from the beach (under an hour's drive) would be someplace around Stann Creek - but you need to see what that really means by coming for a look."

We would probably also like to find farm property with a home already built

"It may not be a gringo house ......"

as I've found through research that contractors can be sketchy at showing up

"depends on the contractor - you tend to mostly read about the disasters - the happy customers are too busy moving in their new homes to be on the internet telling horror stories!"

and some materials difficult to find or expensive to import.

"there are a lot of buiding supply places now - if your needs are simple you can find all you need already in stores in country"

I know the wood wouldn't be a problem. Would that be your suggestion? Also, what part of the country would be best to look at for farms?

"Stann Creek, Cayo, Toledo"

Can you please let me know what you think about how to start, what time of year to come look at property, and anything else you think we should know.

"Come to Belize - travel around - take a look at the three areas mentioned above ...... relax and poke around and have fun - see what you like.
Spend two weeks, rent a car and drive around. Do this in off-season so costs are lower and you don't need reservations for most hotels. Do it when the weather is reliable enough that you can pretty much count on being able to tromp around on properties you find of interest - - mid-august is a excellent time for that. "

My research says you should never buy property in Belize unless you see it in October or November.

"Sorry, this idea makes no sense to me. "

Thank you so much for any help, suggestions, insight you can provide us!

"Start visiting the country - it's lovely!!"

Dee said...

Guess what ! You don't have to drug me----I LOVE the idea of going to Belize. I had my mammagram this morning and was talking to the nurse about the cold weather and how nice it would be to live, or at least go somewhere (anywhere but Arizona ) where it is warm and gorgeous ! I can see all of us there, including Lala and Bob with their sailboat--they could go out for a week or so in lovely tropical weather ! And we could go out on the boat sometimes. How's that !
As for Miguel, I get to pick heem out, but first I have to figure out what my needs are. Can he make a pina colada ? I'd like that, I theenk !

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Sounds fun to me!!

creskypie said...

Hey Katie!! Your dear child is still sick?!! I should have called. So neglectful of me. I will have you know, RIGHT NOW, my 2 littles are asleep in their very own beds in their very own rooms. Thanks for all the coaching and stories of Anna going through it all. I have bribed them with a fish (just like Anna's) if they sleep in their own beds for 30 days. Sky has named her fish Cluto and Piper choose Anna. Gotta love that. Love you, C

La La La said...

Hey Kate,

Man, do I feel your pain. I am an expert on all of those subjects, so we can compare notes on the Wheel of Wow today at lunch. Glad you get to have some girl time!


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