Tuesday, October 30, 2007

right after this, she asked to help clean the toilets.

Sweet jebus, I LOVE 7!! Seven year olds spend hours reading TO THEMSELVES! Seven year olds put their own dishes away! Seven year olds brush their own teeth, get themselves dressed and WASH THEIR OWN HAIR. Seven year olds wake up and say "Can I do my homework now?" And MY seven year old thinks it's FUN to clean toilets!! I want to cryogenically freeze her. Is that legal? Because I'm thinking that might help us avoid the pain and suffering that is 13.

Oh, and yes, the carpet is in and yes, it's beautiful. Unfortunately, it was almost dark by the time I got home, so the photos didn't turn out well at all. Although I did get one of a "baby leapard" slinking her way down the newly carpeted stairs.


Linda, aka "Lala" said...

How wonderful! Enjoy every minute, because DAMN it goes fast. :o)

And actually, 13 is easy, so is 15 and 17. It's when they hit 18 and up, when they have moved out, that is hard. The problems get bigger, more expensive, and are more 'life altering', and you have absolutely no control. THAT is when you want to run away and hide.

Dee said...

And who is "jebus"-----is he the leader of that other country you're moving to?

Yes !!!! take advantage of your child cleaning toilets. I always cleaned them, as I thought it was too disgusting for you girls to do, so you all left home, without that experience. Good thing its easy to learn or you all would have to move every few months !

jpogue said...

I agree with Linda - they get more expensive as they get older and you can't control them!

kate said...

that's why she's coming to live with one of YOU when she turns 18!!

Mom, "jebus" is the ruler of the nation where Hillary is going to be our next president. And Obama is going to be our vice president.

; )

Dee said...

Kate, Thank God we don't all live there. Sounds like a far away place and perhaps we can all go visit someday. :) ^ ^