Thursday, October 25, 2007

i swear, i'm gonna write a book

about the weird frickin' phone calls I get at my job. This last one takes the cake: someone has found, at an apartment complex in a town NOT on the reservation, an ENDANGERED DESERT TORTOISE and they want us to take possession of it. Now, I've taken home various birds (from crows to Great Horned Owls) and even a fawn. But what the hell am I supposed to do with a tortoise that belongs in Southern Utah???


Dee said...
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jpogue said...

Um, you could buy a hare and have races. You could charge the neighbors at first, say, $1 a head to watch the races. Next thing you know, you'll be havin' races every Saturday 'cause word will get around about how much fun those tortise and hare races are so then you can start chargin' about $5 bucks a head and sellin' popcorn and soda. I figure within a few months you'll be makin' so much money you can quit your day job and then you won't have to take all those dumb ass phone calls.

Dee said...

Jodi you are just full of it---good ideas I mean !

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Actually, I was thinking she could make some frames for a smart little pair of sunglasses, and still have some left over for some barrettes for her hair.

The rest ya use for soup!