Monday, October 8, 2007

photo bombardment

Wow. I haven't downloaded the photos from my camera for a very long time. So today's blog is all about pictures:

First, this is Anna making a bird feeder out of a discarded box. I love how she finds ways to be creative with anything and everything, plus she's always looking out for our feathered friends.

Here's my little cowgirl. Always the ham.

Fun with face paint (thanks, Rod and Julie!)

Mysterious note found on ottoman right before the party.

An entire weekend TO MYSELF = fireplace, wine, Neko Case and embroidery. These will be wall hangings for Bugs's new bedroom. I think I've finally gotten the hang of this embroidery thing and can't believe how relaxing it is. I even mastered the French Knot! Woo hoo!! Meanwhile, Moby took his job of keeping the furniture in place very, very seriously.


jpogue said...

don't you love it when you find pics you don't remember?! Too cute!

Dee said...

I've never met Moby, but he must be a big ol' love. And does he know how to nap !

Dee said...

Oh, yes, I also love the rest of the pics-----and the collage thing looks like fun !

I didn't know Anna was such a ham--she used to HATE having her picture taken !

kate said...

Oh, she still hates to have her picture taken and that is exactly WHY she's such a ham. Sometimes I try to get her to be "normal", but then I think "Well, this is a real representation of WHO she is at the age of 7!" She cracks me up.

These remind me of Lala's "tricycle series" when she was litte.