Sunday, October 7, 2007

The REAL Giving Tree

In a park in Copenhagen, Demark there is a very special tree. Read the story and see the photos here:

I love this. What a sweet way to make this normally traumatic experience something beautiful.


Blank Girl said...

What a great idea! What do you when you don't have your own tree, though? We used the "mimi fairy" method. One night the mimi fairy came and gave Grace's binky to a baby who needed it since she's a big girl now. In return for taking her mimi, the fairy gave Grace a cuddly toy for night time. :)

kate said...

What a great, non-traumatic way to get rid of her binky! You guys are such wonderful parents.

love you, Header! :)

PS. Remember YOUR blog? You started this whole family blogging....get writing, girl!!

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

I like the "fairy" idea too. Did you come up with that idea, Heather? Such a great way to do it.
Of course, Lisa was too young to understand the "fairy" concept when hers went away.

And Andrea had a thumb, very difficult to get rid of, or hang from a tree. I could have hung the whole kid from her thumbs. Been a few times that would have come in handy. May still try it too!

Heather said...

WELL, it was a little more traumatic than I had hoped but she only cried the first two nights w/o it (cringe). After that she was onto bigger and better things. And I totally stole it from somebody else on the internet. Three and a half seemed a little old to be sucking on a fake nipple all the time... Plus it was affecting how she learned to say words that used the front of her mouth. "Dog" was pronounced "Gog" for a long time. ;)