Monday, July 9, 2007

*"You surprise me in delightful ways"

Actual comment made by David while shopping. I was looking at some (I thought) very cool polka-dotted plastic cups for, you know, sipping lemonade on the back deck. David loathes anything vaguely retro. (This could be a problem, because if I could turn into Doris Day right now, I would.)

*Translation: Oh my god, you can NOT be serious.

But really? I think this just shows how evolved he really is and how well he has learned to communicate tactfully with a woman. So sweet.


JPogue said...

So did ya buy the poka-dotted cups? Mom was laughing yesterday telling me about him not going to the wedding with you 'cause he didn't want to eat little weenies and jello salad.

So, next time you guys come down - guess what we're having for dinner! Don't tell him though, I want to see the look on his face!

Kay Harrison said...

What??? Another man refusing to come to the wedding??? And because they think it's gonna be yer traditional wedding stuff?!!

Hello! This is gonna be the most low key wedding on the planet. We're wearing shorts and t-shirts for crying out loud! And It's gonna take all of about 5 minutes! We don't even have a set time! We're just gonna walk down to the beach "whenever".

kate said...

Oh, you've got it so, so wrong. David lived for 8 years in a very remote fishing village in Alaska. He tells the story of going to dinner at a native friend's house and the guy brought out a tray with a WHOLE RAW SEAL. That was the delicacy you served special guests. And yes, David ate it. He's a snob about some things (polka-dotted glasses fos instance) but he is the least judgemental person I've ever known.