Thursday, July 19, 2007

i NEED this:

Imagine, if you will, the coolest freakin' bike EVER. Gorgeous deep forest-green paint with brown fenders all painted with sweet orange flower details and the occasional white polka-dot? Check. White Leather seat with red (red!) whip-stitch detail and matching handle-bar grips? Check. Wicker basket attached with leather straps and lined with lovely red & white Scandinavian-flower-print fabric? Check. Bell for scaring the bejeesus out of old ladies up ahead of you? Check.

Behold the Electra Gypsy:

This picture doesn't really do it justice, so....are you ready? Here's the glamour shot:

Still, you just can't get just how GORGEOUS this bike is until you see it in person, which we did in Sun Valley. The details are just unbelievable. It totally reminds me of something you'd ride through a small Swiss village (which anyone who knows me can understand the attraction there) with a bottle of wine and baguette in the basket, while wearing a 1940s sundress, big sunglasses and a scarf around your neck. I seriously can not stop thinking about this bike. Practical? No. But really? What could be cooler than peddling around town on this?? Nothing, that's what. I'm plotting how to justify its purchase..... I need your help.

If you want a closer look, it's here: (it's a ladies' cruiser, the Gypsy model.) There has never been a more "Kate-like" bike in the world.


JPogue said...

ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It's beautiful. However, I still have a 1940 fully restored Cyclone that's yours for the taking if you just come get it! PLEASE come get it out of my house! Might be a nice weekend drive...

However, if you don't want it, would you actually ride the Gypsy? If so, then no other justification is needed! Now, wasn't that easy!

Kay Harrison said...

Oh my GOD we are totally changing places! I am serious. I couldn't get you to wear something floral, or any other print for that matter, to save my life while were were on the cruise. Now you even were PINK and fantasize about 1940's sun dresses and polka dots!!! Be afraid - be VERY afraid!
Ya wanna know what's funny,... Last night, I opened one of the 5 huge boxes of barbies that I have in storage. I saw the pink boxes, shuddered, and thought, "Yuk! - I have GOT to unload these things somehow!"
I have seen Jodi's bike, and believe me, it IS to die for!!!! If she's gonna GIVE it to you, for god sake, (or whoever), take her up on it! It's totally worth the drive here!

mom said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, still creating time to send an actual thinking response to your email but I got Annika the Electra, Roses edition, for her birthday last year and she really digs it. The pavorazzi have been following her around every since thinking that she must be someone really special, which she is, but hey yours is green and should blend in nicely and if that does not work every one loves taking shots at the pavorazzi! Particularly dead ones! Greg