Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Emergency Room....or what little I remember of it

This picture pretty much sums up the atmosphere during our girls' weekend. That's Nichole (who happens to be in every. single. picture taken that weekend, posing and making some sort of "rock-chick" face) and Kris. I believe they were rocking out to, um, AC/DC. Don't ask.

So! I'd left you hanging (all 3 of my regular readers) with the trip to the ER. The thing is, when I sat down to write this, I realized how very little I remember of that experience. Hence the recommendation to be inebriated if you ever have to make such a trip. Anyway, I do know that we were there for at least 3 1/2 hours, even though it just me and a little boy. I don't know what his problem was but I don't think he was gushing blood like I was. Probably swallowed a Transformer or something minor like that.....but I guess for some reason the Dr. assumed I was feeling no pain.

From what I hear, the highlights of the ER visit were:

1. The doctor coming out and asking Kris and Nichole if they were part of the "Moms Gone Wild" party....and they were horrified: "She told you that?? That's TOP SECRET INFORMATION! No body's supposed to know that!"
2. The doctor laughing and telling them that usually, when there's a group like this and he sees one of them come through the ER, he'll see someone else from the group before the weekend is over. That became the ominous prediction for the rest of the weekend: who was gonna be next?
3. Jennifer, thinking she was being so sneaky, going outside to barf in the bushes and later finding out that not only were Kris and Nichole watching her and laughing, the receptionist could see it all because she was right in front of the huge picture-window!

The next day I said to the girls: "I probably should have received a tetanus shot, because it's been years since I've had one". **awkward, stunned silence** "Uh, Kate? You DID receive a tetanus shot. You don't remember that? They hurt like a mother!! How do you not remember that??" followed by fits of giggles. brats.

The good news is that there were no other major injuries requiring visits to the ER, not even, amazingly enough, when Nichole decided the next night, despite the doctors prediction, that it was a good idea to stand up through Jen's sunroof and ride through town laying on the roof, looking up at the stars, yelling "It's soooo beautiful out here! You all have to try this!!"

Yeah, I know: we really should be embarrassed by all this very un mom-like behavior, but it's our once-a-year outlet from all the responsibilities of our everyday lives. And like I said to a friend this morning: we refuse to grow old gracefully; we are going to go kicking and screaming, and laughing and dancing. And I look forward to every minute of it.

Next year: We plan to rent a yurt near Santa Barbara that Nichole found, overlooking the Pacific ocean. No one there knows us. YET.

My mother is probably secretly mortified right now, that her 42 yr. old daughter (a grown woman!) is admitting this, and she's most likely making plans to take me out of the will. She taught me better than this, for the record. But sadly, it didn't take. (Hi mom! Love you!)


JPogue said...

You go girl! I'm thinking I need to find some friends and do something similar! Where do I find friends? - Is there a website or somthing?

kate said...

Ha! Did you follow that link? There really IS a And luckily (since I'm at work) they are fully clothed. So yeah, you could try that. You and Sue are just like just gotta ditch your husbands every now and then.

Blank Girl said...

There's also and

If you do Santa Barbara next year and the moms club is open to new members, CALL ME. We should be all nice and settled in Monterey by that time. ;)