Friday, July 6, 2007

Dang it. I just have nothing interesting to post about.

But I'm feeling unusually petty and immature because that last post, where I admit to still feeling giddy when remembering the doll-house accident is silently mocking me. But I can't help it. Those who know me well know that few things make me laugh harder than seeing someone hurt themselves. Now, I'm not talking "chainsaw accident" here. Obviously there's nothing funny about blood-shed. I'm talking "bonk your head on a tree-branch" or "step in a pile of dog poop" or "try to be cool and jump over a tennis net but fall on your head" kind of funny. Say, that reminds me of the time that my friend Kim tried to be cool and jump over the net on the tennis court but got her foot tangled. It was totally cartoon-funny and I seriously laughed so hard that I peed my pants, right there on the tennis court...a little puddle. That sort of, um, trumped her dorky maneuver. ahem.

Anyway, I often wonder why I find the sight of someone getting hurt to be so. damn. funny. I sort of feel badly that as someone is standing there rubbing the goose-egg on their head, I'm trying to hide my tears of laughter. But it runs in my family, I'm afraid. Both of my sisters suffer the same malady. There was the time, a couple of years ago, when my whole family was gathered together for my brother's wedding. We were all sitting outside on the patio of a restaurant, probably 10 of us or so. As this couple comes out onto the patio, the woman miscalculates the last step and totally does the Jerry-Lewis-flailing-arms-rubber-legs stumble thing. I felt the laughter well up in my chest and turned my head so as not to guffaw in her general direction....but unfortunately I made eye-contact with Lala who I could tell was fighting the same reaction and we both had to literally run around the corner so we could die laughing without embarrassing the poor woman. It still makes me well up with tears (of laughter) just thinking about it.

So, tell me what makes you laugh?? The more inappropriate, the better! : )

PS. David and I remembered another Worst Song of All Time: "Having My Baby" by Neil Sedaka. Oh, why Neil? Why??


JPogue said...

You're right about the song - that's GOT to be the worst of all time!!!!

I'll never forget when I first started working for Fish and Game - in fact, it was the first day. A bunch of us had been hired to do controlled hunts. We were all sitting in a little cubbie area between two rows of metal filing cabinets that were about 6 ft. tall. We were all cramped together kind of eyeing eachother wondering what each of us was about. There was this little short guy Rick who's wife worked at Fish and Game and he was sitting in an old office swivel chair. None of us were talking. He was swiveling around in this chair when all of a sudden the legs flew out from under him and BAM! He hit his head on one of those metal filing cabinets hard!

Everyone else was horrified and I just cracked up laughing and if my bladder had been as loose as she is now - I'd have peed my pants for sure! It was so funny! Rick and I laughed about that for the whole summer!

I guess we Pogue's are just a little sick!

kate said...

Ha! That's a good one, sis. What a great ice-breaker! Luckily Rick thought it was funny, too...

Jacki-d said...

Ok, I seriously had to cover my mouth, put my head on my desk & cross my legs... just remembering you & Linda! The tears of laughter were welling just remembering that moment. You guys are sick, sick people! But that memory sure gives me the giggles. Sick-o's!

sicko said...

Oh Jacki D. You got the same gene and you know it!! :)