Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oh Gypsy, soon you shall be mine.

The love of my life has bought for me the bike of my dreams!! It's not in my posession yet because he had to order it, but how freakin' sweet is he? Yeah, I guess I'll keep him.


JPogue said...

No WAY!!!!

I better see a picture of you posted on here within days of getting that bike "with a bottle of wine and baguette in the basket, while wearing a 1940s sundress, big sunglasses and a scarf around your neck."

You better start shopping for that 1940s sundress right now!

kate said...

Oh I'm waaaay ahead of ya. I am, at this very moment, wearing the perfect dress for my bike. AND red ankle-strap wedges. hee hee
Now all I need is the bike...and the wine, of course.
: )

JPogue said...

And the baguette, big sunglasses, and the scarf around your neck. You better have IT ALL for the picture!!!