Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Girls' Weekend Part 2: The good, the bad and the ugly

Ooooh my.

Where to start? Well. Once again, the Moms Gone Wild tour hit Sun Valley and reminded all those snow-boardin'-mountain-bike-ridin'-hard-partyin' punks how it's done. There were 7 of us who descended on the peaceful Wood River Valley from various parts of the Pacific Northwest. Friday night was supposed to be our "mellow" night; we all arrived at the condo around 5 and started off with some Mojitos and wine. Just a couple, you know, to take the edge off after our long travels. Well, a couple turned into a few and we decided to head downtown. The usual scene-of-the-crime for us is Whiskey Jacques, so we thought we'd start there. Luckily the condo was within walking distance of downtown, so we did the responsible thing and walked. Well, we arrived before the band had started so we had, you know, a few more drinks. Most of the gals were drinking beer but Jen and I had a couple of Cosmos. And then they just started showing up at our table as quickly as we finished the last. Mmmm....so cool and refreshing on a muggy July night. So the band finally starts up and we all hit the dance floor. They thank us politely for dancing to their sound-check. Ahem. Jennifer starts pounding her fists on the table and yelling "Sound check? Sound check???" which just cracks us all up. Anyway, we proceed to drink and dance and laugh our asses off. We got VERY loud and started getting dirty looks from all the 24 year olds who were maybe thinking we were too old for this type of unlady-like behavior. Which, of course, made us laugh harder and be even more obnoxious. At some point we decided that dancing in flip-flops while drunk is just too complicated, so we all kicked off our shoes so we could flail around unencumbered. Well, by then Jen and I were in full-on "I looooove you sooo much" mode (ok, maybe it was just me, but she was tolerating it...) and the next thing we knew, (I think there was a toast of some sort involved) there was broken glass everywhere on the floor, and in trying to move away from it, I stepped on a nice big piece. I proceeded to bleed profusely, all the while refusing treatment because I didn't want the other girls to have to stop having fun. Finally it became very apparent that a trip to the Emergency room was in order.

Tomorrow: Why, if you're going to get hurt, I suggest being inebriated


Anonymous said...
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JPogue said...

eeeeeeeeeewwwwww - bummer! What's that big ugly owie on your shin, was it collataral damage?

kate said...

Uh yep. Turns out there's a learning curve with crutches. :P