Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who's the best mom in the world? Huh? Who is?

SSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Don't tell Anna, but I'm surprising her with a overnight trip to Red Horse Mountain Ranch this weekend, in honor of the fact that it's Spring Break. Since we took our big trip to Maui in February, Anna's Spring Break is going to consist of being shuttled around between her dad and boths sets of local grandparents.

But we GOTTA do something, don't we??

Eric and I had taken Anna to Red Horse Mountain for her birthday few years ago, and she hasn't stopped talking about it since. But since then the ranch was purchased by the Tertling family; they're from Boise and when I was little, they owned what amounted to a mini "Wonderland" (you know, like Wacko Jacko) with a full-sized railroad (!) around their property, a carousel for their kids and llamas wandering about. Anyway, since they purchased the ranch, it's gotten prohibitively expensive for "regular folk", meaning everyone except wealthy east-coasters in search of a "real dude ranch" experience. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anyway, because it's the "shoulder season" they made me a great deal. So! I'm going to pack all of her stuff tonight and I'll just load her up in the car tomorrow and not tell her where we're going. Then we'll settle in to a cozy tiny log-cabin, have dinner followed by Cowboy Poetry by the big stone fireplace and then spend most of Saturday riding horses. She's gonna hate it. :)

(The above photos are from Red Horse Mountain's Face Book page. Yes, even dude ranches have FB pages now.)

Now git on out there an' have a great weekend ya'll!!



robyn said...

Aw, man. I thought you were gonna say me.

Ok, ok, it's you. With your dude ranches.

(Seriously, awesome. You're gonna have so much fun!)

Jodi said...

I looked into taking Adam there, he desperatly wants to have a horseriding vacation. But, like you said, it was SO expensive. Have fun - I'm jelous!

Dee said...

What a great plan ! Does she ever read your blog? That would spoil it .

Have a fabulous time.

Blank Girl said...

OMG! Did you have to take out a second mortgage for it??? I thought expensive might mean a few hundred bucks total for a day or two, but their website says more like a grand or three!! HOLY CRAP. I hope you got a better deal than that! It does look pretty awesome...

kate said...

Heather, I got a WAAAY better deal than that, because a) I whined a lot and b) I booked at the last minute ie. yesterday and c) I think they're desperate for bodies right now since it's still kind of muddy and crappy in the mountains. Basically I'm not paying any more than I would have if she and I had, say, come to Boise for the weekend (which I considered). Plus, everything (riding, meals, cocktails, tips) is included in the price.

But yes, their regular prices are just CRAZY and I can't imagine who pays that. Although when we went the first time the place was booked and there were people from ALL over: Washington DC, Florida, Vermont, Germany and England. So apparently they can ask whatever they want and get it.

Fancy Schmancy said...

Hope you have a great time! You are the best mom, ever.