Wednesday, March 18, 2009

::peas in a pod::

Anna has a friend Audrey. Audrey is the same age as Anna and into the exact same things (ie: ANIMALS). When they get together to play, it sounds like this:

"Ok, so I'm a baby Australian Shepard who is 3 months old. I'm mostly black with white patches but I have some brown spots behind my left ear. My two back legs are white and my two front legs are black with white only on the paws. My mom died when I was born and I live on a farm. One of the mama sheep was nice to me when my mom died and now I thinks she's my mom, ok? So now when I need something I go find my mama sheep and I whine like this: mmmm MMMM mmmmMMMM and she knows that that means I'm hungry, ok?"

"Ok! And I'm a little brown goat who lives at the farm with tiny hooves and baby horns and white on my nose. I'm 6 months old and I have two sisters who are older than me but they never play wih me. Once when I was only 2 weeks old I fell into the pond so now I'm afraid of water. You and I are best friends and we like to play hide and seek in the barn where the barn owl lives with her babies and sometimes we go for walks in the forest, but when you get too close to the creek I get scared and go Meeeh! MEH! Meeeeeeehhhhh!!!! Ok?"

On other words, they speak the same language. All they talk about is animals: what kind and how many they'll have when they grow up, what kind they are going to try to talk their parents into next.

This morning when I was going through Anna's backpack, digging out important (and not so important) paperwork, I came across this card from Audrey:

And inside:

Sage advice from an 8 year old, no?


Jodi said...

Oooooooooooh. Sneaky....

Blank Girl said...

That is hilarious!

Fancy Schmancy said...

That is more precious than words can say! Both those kids are keepers!

robyn said...

Wise beyond it's years, that card.

Too cute!

Dee said...

She doesn't have to do much to beg like a dog----half the time she IS a dog, or puppy.

Hamsters eat clothes, etc. Ask Lala.