Wednesday, March 25, 2009

::craft geek part 84::

Yesterday my niece, Jacki, threw down a challenge: she'd seen some very cute felt-flower headbands and, knowing how I love me some felt, asked me if I could do something similar.

I went home, dug into my copious stash of felt and got busy cutting. This is my first attempt, and I learned some things: extremely sharp scissors are KEY. Mom, I would like to say right now, on the record, that I now understand why you were such a Nazi about keeping us kids from using your "good sewing scissors" to cut things like, oh, cardboard and wire. I apologize for using them to turn all my Barbies into dykes.

Anyway! I also woke up in the middle of the night (thanks, Jacki) thinking that next time I'm going to try spraying the crap (yes that's a technical craft term) out of the felt with STARCH before cutting it, to make the cut edges that much cleaner. Also, my mom had mentioned that little girls might not appreciate (or keep on their noggins) traditional stiff headbands, so I picked up a couple of these stretchy headbands. It's not too shabby for my first attempt but nowhere near as cute as the ones Jacki saw on etsy.

The important part is that it must be worn as a headband, NOT as one of those ridiculous garter-belts some mother's put on their babies. This one is intended for Jacki's sweet little blondie, and I think her hair is FINALLY long enough to wear it properly.


JACKI said...

ooooo I LOVE it!!! You did such a good job! I think the starch thing is a good idea too. THANK YOU so much for trying it out for me! I can't wait to put it on Allie. She's pretty good about keeping her hair stuff in. You need to get started on your 'crafty children's boutique' business. Oh and P.S., I literally laughed out loud about your dyke barbies! LMAO!!!

Dee said...

She did not know the word dyke at the time------Kate wanted a Ken doll, so she turned all her Barbies into Kens.
I was horrified-----destroying those darling Barbies, their hair looked spikey, with bald spots !

Such a child !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, yes, cute job on the hair thingy !

Dee said...

What IS that thing -----in your rows of crafty stuff, or goodies, that looks like a bust with white sides to the bra ? ok, it has neck straps, or are those handles---?

kate said...

Mom...if you're talking about my "etsy" favorites? With brown floral pattern and handles? It's a purse, fool. ;)

Fancy Schmancy said...

Dude, your mom could be my mom, lmao!

Adorable head band, you need to quit your day job and just take off on your creativity!

Jodi said...

Cute, sister!

Dee said...

OK, don't buy it or make it---its W E I R D ! JEST PLAIN GOOFY LOOKIN !