Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ok, ok, so I might have to buy some new pants

Because of my running, I am already down a size! After less than two months. heh heh. I'd felt like my jeans were really baggy in the butt lately...but I figured they'd regain their shape after washing. But it's not my pants, it's ME who has changed shape. Yesterday I grabbed some jeans out of the drawer and put them on and was like "Aaaah, these fit perfectly!" Turns out they are a size smaller than I've been wearing and they somehow ended up on top in my drawer. It's been so long since I've comfortably fit in this size I never would have thought to try them. And they aren't even tight. (If there are any men reading this, you won't understand how monumental this is. But my women readers will totally get it. It's a big deal, a full pants size.)

So despite my vow to "buy nothing", I might just have to buy some new jeans. But that is an expenditure I can feel great about.

I love running.


Dee said...

Welllll, wah whoooooooo for you! I'm happy for you and KNOW what a big deal that is.
Congrats !

Jodi said...

Hmmmm. I'm having to buy BIGGER sizes. I can hardly believe THAT!

Laura said...

NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

Blank Girl said...

Woohooo!!! It feels great, don't it? Working out a bunch in ROTC has me down a whole size, too. I (for now) comfortably fit into a size 9 whereas I have never comfortably fit into a size 9 jeans. We're talking juniors... not women's like I prolly should be wearing. And when I bought a dress for Vegas it was a size 7!! CRAZY. Lord knows it isn't going to last long, but it sure does feel nice to go down a few sizes. And it's a non-food related reward to buy yourself some clothes that fit the new you. Way to go!

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

How fun! It's great to loose a little and feel good about yourself! Good job sister.

But be careful, you get much cuter and David will be chasing you and trying to KISS you!!! eeewww!!!