Wednesday, December 17, 2008

technical difficulties

I haven't forgotten my promise to post photos from our NYC trip, but, well, you see....I am having some "issues" with making that happen. I want to do a slideshow because there are so many photos but I have spent FAR too much time today trying to figure out how to do that. Because first I have to edit the photos to make them look better. Then I have to find an "application" with which to create the slideshow. I use Picnic to edit my photos and supposedly they have a slideshow option, but I'll be damned if I can figure it out. My neice Jacki swears by Photobucket but Photobucket does not seem user-friendly AT ALL and then there's Flickr but that's not cooperating either.

So now I'm just DONE working with photos today and ya'll just have to wait until tomorrow. Me? I'm going to go crawl under my desk and suck my thumb while watching the snow fall.


JACKI said...

LOL! If ya want, you can e-mail them to me and I'll make a slide show for you tonight. I have nothing better to do.

robyn said...

Silly girl. Whyfore aren't thou using Picasa? It's free, and awesome. You can make your edits, make a slideshow, pop it up in Picasa web albums (which requires an account, but it's free) and then put in your blogger blog using this:

My other suggestion involves coughing up the money for Lightroom. You probably don't want that suggestion.

Dee said...

Oh my, but all that is SOOOOO complicated ! I'm just happy that I know how to turn on my computer ! Off and on, that's my limit !

Blank Girl said...

Yes, getting photos into an album, editing the photos, and adding them to the blog really IS an all day process. Good luck!!

I use photobucket, too. It takes a little getting used to but after the learning curve things get better. Don't fret! I know we'll see 'em eventually. Even if it's sometime next year! ;)