Friday, December 19, 2008


STILL working on getting a slideshow together of our NYC trip. In the mean time, we have been getting DUMPED on: almost 30 inches of snow since Wednesday afternoon! Here are some photos of our snow-day yesterday.

These photos were taken at about 8am...and then it snowed all day! Poor David started shoveling at 7am and kept at it off and on (mostly on) for 12 hours. And then I made him clean the bathroom.

Eric and Anna and I skiied to the store for baking supplies. Have you ever tried to x-country ski in 3 feet of powdery snow with a gallon of milk, a few pounds of flour, a bottle of wine, two pounds of butter and 3 dozen eggs in your back-pack?? Luckily my ex-husband was willing to be my pack-mule. Anna is doing so well on skis! She fell down several times but she'd get up smiling and keep going. We were very proud of her great attitude.

Ok, I'm off to the Tribal Christmas luncheon and then HOPEFULLY home for the weekend. Will post more later.


David said...

Sorry I never did clean the bathroom. You mean you need to do it more often than changing the batteries in the smoke detector?

jpogue said...

How fun! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Dee said...

Don't drop the wine ! Everything else is ok, but the wine-------.
How crazy is that to Xcountry ski to the groc. store ! If we did that here, I would suddenly be going 60 mph down the hill and it would kill me going up hill !! puff, puff !
Wild , wild winter !

lisa said...

wow...i cant believe you guys have gotten that much snow

Sarah Dee said...

Holy hell, Talk about snow! Your house is pretty Kate! I want to come cross country ski to the store and buy wine. :)

kate said...

Sarah Dee, come on over! :) I think you'd be a lot of fun to drink wine with!