Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the best step-dad in the world

Guess what David did when he came home from his trip back east. Knowing how much Anna loves donuts, he carried a box of Dunkin Donuts all the way from Boston just for her.

Dunkin Donuts originated in Boston, so it's very special to Bostonians, like lobster from Main or Cafe du Monde chicory coffee and beignets from New Orleans.

I love the visual of him hauling his suitcase, a cup of coffee, a big white teddy bear (a gift from Grammy Susan) and a box of donuts through the airport. If only I had a picture of the white bear sitting next to him and the box of donuts on the table by his Bloody Mary in the "executive lounge" in the San Fransisco and Seattle airports (for there is no such thing as a direct flight between Boston and Spokane.)

Then he drove straight to Eric's from the airport to deliver them to her so that they were fresh. Is that not the sweetest thing ever? Needless to say, she thought that was pretty cool.

Yeah, I think he likes my kid. And I like him.


Fancy Schmancy said...

That was pretty cool. I always forget other parts of the country don't have Dunkin Donuts. It's sacrilege, I tell you.

Dee said...

That is the sweetest gesture ever ! We just LOVE David ! He is so very thoughtful and caring and he's a KEEPER !

Thank you, David for taking such good care of my girls . love you all .

Sheri said...

That is soooo sweet! Honestly, brought a tear to my eye. Anna is very lucky to have two such good "Dads"!

jpogue said...

Hey Sheri! You're not anynomous anymore!!!

Yea, David's pretty awesome. You're a lucky woman Kate.

Sheri said...

I finally figured out how to get my name there.....yea, you can call me slow!