Monday, December 1, 2008

::big apple::

Finally, the time is near enough for me to mention that MY MOM AND I ARE GOING TO NYC in a week or so! We've been planning this for so long that I didn't want to start talking about it back in, say, August or I never would have stopped. I know, I know, I should at least TRY to be cool. But I can't. I am so excited about this trip!!

See, my mom is amazing. No, really. I know that you think yours is too, but mine really IS. She has been through so much that her life-story would make an amazing book. She would never admit that, but it's true. And she's come through it all with incredible grace and has earned the life-long respect of everyone who knows her. And on top of it all, she is unbelievably generous. She once took our entire family (her kids and our spouses) on a week-long cruise through the Inland Passage. She took me and my siblings to Washington DC. She has paid for countless trips, paid off debts, helped all of us buy our homes, helped put her grandchildren through college and on and on and ON. And she asks for nothing in return.

Now, there are two things that mom has always wanted to do. One is to go to Cornwall, England, the other is to go to NYC to see The Rockettes. So my siblings and I began plotting, and on her birthday this past summer, my sisters and I made a ridiculously embarrassing attempt at a Rockettes performance to tell her that she and I are going to go see the real thing. Why am I the lucky one to go with her? I dunno....I guess because I have done the most travelling in my family and am most comfortable with it. Also, I'm the only one who has ever been to NY before.

I've mentioned here before the trip to New England that Eric and Anna and I took when we FINALLY sold our house and business in Oregon. Part of that trip included staying with my best childhood friend and going into the city for the day. Truthfully, Eric and I both had very low expectations; we expected it to be crowded, dirty, ugly, smelly, dangerous. But we thought that since we were RIGHT THERE visiting Kim anyway, we might as well check it out. The crazy thing is, though, we both loved NY. I mean LOVED it so much that we went back the next day, without our local tourist guide. It was not at all what we expected. We adored Central Park (we couldn't believe all the amazing birds we saw) and I want to LIVE in the Natural History Museum.

So needless to say, I am so bloody excited to go back. We are, of course, going to see the Rockettes (and therefore Rockefeller Center), but other than that we are pretty open. We can't do a ton of walking (my mom's feet bother her) so I'm looking for ideas for what we should do with our 3-4 days there. We are staying in mid-town (east side). Anyone have suggestions?


Dee said...

I do. I want to stay a month and everything. You forgot to say that we'll only be there a very few days, but we'll cram in as much as we can. I AM SO EXCITED.

Gee, I thought my life was quite normal and boring. I'm just lucky I got to be this old. But thank you, my dear, for the kind words.

We're going to have such a blast !

Dee said...

I mean, and SEE everything.

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Can you take a horse drawn tour of cental park?

I do think you should grab a cab and take mom to that big FAO Schwartz toy store. Imagine how cool that place would be at christmas time.

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

P.S. I don't know why I'm commenting on your blog, since you seem to have sworn off commenting on mine.

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Are we boring each other????


Fancy Schmancy said...

There is so much to see and do. You can print out maps of the city and you should really try to familiarize yourself with them so you're not pulling them out on the street. Try to avoid looking like a tourist at all costs. Tourists get mugged. Try to print out maps of the subway and use it instead of walking or taking taxi's (expensive after a while) at least during daylight hours. You have to see Times Square lit up at night. While at Rockefeller Center there are enough things to do to keep you busy for a whole day, tour NBC studios, see the tree and ice rink, go to the top of the rock, etc. Check in advance and see if they have wheel chairs or scooters for your mom. You have to do Chinatown, Little Italy, tour the art galleries in SoHo. There is just so much. Oh, and if you get the chance, visit Ground Zero.

And then come back in April and I'll meet you there!

Hope you have a great time!

kate said...

Thanks Fancy! GREAT suggestions! I do have maps and I appreciate the suggestion to know them BEFORE we get there. Will do.

What do you think mom, shall we get you a wheel chair?? ;) Fancy, if only you knew my mom; she'd rather DIE than be seen in public in a wheel chair. She's actually a feisty old broad; gorgeous and healthy for her age. She rides her bike every day day. I just don't want to over-do it with the walking because she's NOT good at telling us when she's in pain and her feet and back do bother her.

Lala, I love the horse-drawn carriage idea. We'll do that for sure! And I'll COMMENT on your blog when you POST on your blog. Hmmmpphh.

marianne said...

i took my daugther and daughter in law to nyc for the first time last year at this time. i was given the best advice from my neighbor who goes all the time. buy a 3 day pass for the big red double decker tour bus and use that as your transportation during the day. you can hop on and off all day long with your pass and while you are on the bus, sit up top if possible by the way, the tour guides tell you everything about the city, don't be afraid to ask them questions either. it was great. first thing we did was hop on the bus and learn about the different areas of the city and then were able to make decisions about where we wanted to go back and see more closely. we also had tickets for the rockettes. and if money is tight - a tip from one of the tour guides - instead of paying for a boat ride to the statue of libery, he told us to take the staten island ferry which is free. you go right by the statue, get off at staten island, go right back to the boat and back by the statue again. we went at sunset and got great pictures of the sun setting behind the statue. we want to make it a tradition to go every year and see the rockettes, but because of job situations, etc we are not able to do it this year, maybe next year and beyond. i am so envious, i absolutely love nyc and can't wait to get back. have fun

kate said...

Thanks Marianne! That is great advice about the double-decker bus and also about the Staton Island ferry.

I've spent way too much time this morning on Frommer's web page getting info. ;) I'm getting so excited!

Dee said...

Those are great ideas. And yes, you're right. I would crawl before I would be seen in a wheelchair. But thanks, Fancy, for thinking of my dilemma.
Great idea about the double decker and the ferry. We like free or cheap, especially when it goes to the same places.
Wah hooooooo, we're goin' to the big city ! And see big city folks.