Tuesday, March 25, 2008

look! there's a little sprout

check it out.

To my family: listen, you, you're coming. the end.


jpogue said...

What, David doesn't have access to the little "it" word on this blog? So he won't know you have a new blog? And WHY is this new blog a secret from David? I'm. so. confused.

kate said...

No, he knows now. He just didn't know until after I created it. So the secret's out. The fact that I've created a blog entitled Kate and David's Wedding has caused him to become very afraid that I'm going to turn into Bridezilla. But it's just an avenue to provide information to people about where we're staying etc.

PS. you're coming. the end.

David said...

Do I have to come too?

kate said...

of course you do honey. somebody has to pay for this!

Dee said...

David, you had no idea what you were getting into when you met Kate,-----with this nutty family.
So the new blog will let us know where you are staying-----be sure to send us postcards.----and pics.
lots of pictures.

thordora said...

maui...jealous...very very jealous.