Thursday, March 20, 2008

dear Mother Nature: you suck


jpogue said...

I concur.

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Ok, that certificate is DAMN cute!

MP said...

Great certificate..I'm sure She has already filed it in that circular file under her desk..cause she doesn't care, and you know you won't give up swearing anyway.
My Star Magnolia is blooming in the back yard and She f'ed with it last year, I sure hope we don't get another hard freeze.

kate said...

Not only has she round-filed it, she is now MOCKING me by having dumped snow ALL F'ING NIGHT. The roads were a pure sheet of ice, making my 40 mile commute to work SO. MUCH. FUN.

Dee said...

You mean that car doesn't have a snow plow in front ? At least you had a warm behind !
I can't believe you're still having snow ! That's just WRONG ! But I like your letter of complaint.
By the way, speaking of complaining, don't anyone, ever, ever call tech support for Hewlett Packard. They've outsourced to India. I am now on heavy dosage of transquilizers, and on suicide watch.

thordora said...

no. fucking. shit.

Sitting in the exam room at the vet we had a good laugh to see a calender that said "March 14, clean roof gutters"