Monday, March 31, 2008

how much random crap can i squeeze into one post?

Hi. I'm going crazy.Would you do me a favor and go look at a calendar and get back to me on the date? Because I thought it was officially Spring.

Saturday night Christina and her two adorable daughters came for a sleep-over. As usual, there was music, wine, and yummy food (Thai I didn't cook). We woke up Sunday morning to snow DUMPING. There was at least 5 inches of new snow. The little girls decided a walk was in order so we piled on the layers and went for a long walk to the park. The kids and dogs LOVED it, and it was, admittedly, gorgeous. Then we came home and got the wet clothes off, and Anna and Piper settled in for a snuggle. Piper thinks Anna is the coolest thing since ice-cream, to the point where ONLY Anna can put Pi's jammies on, change her diaper, and help when she tries to use the potty (although Anna wasn't too thrilled about that last one).

On another note, Ms. Anna has been particularly prolific with the art lately. Here is my ALL TIME FAVORITE: And regardless of what you may think, it is NOT a self-portrait. Despite the same hair color, hair cut and identiccal eye color and eye shape. It is "just some person". So there. But is this not gorgeous?? I'm going to frame it and hang it in our FRESHLY PAINTED family room.

Also, in school, they made a book about family. Here is hers:

(click to enlarge) I can't tell you how much I love these; we all look so happy and in each one, David and I have our arms around each other. Although in the second one, it DOES kinda look like he's strangling me....

Tomorrow Anna leaves for a week (!!) to go to Arizona with her dad for Spring Break, just the two of them. They are going to the Grand Canyon, and then down to Tucson, where they'll go to the Arizona-Sanora Desert Museum, quite possibly the COOLEST MUSEUM EVER, to Saguaro National Park and to this cool observatory/planatarium where they'll get a close-up view of Saturn. It's too bad she's not going to have fun or anything. It's going to be in the mid eighties (!!!!) so of course she needs a new sun-hat. And, um, braces.

I did take her to the orthodontist last week. You may think it's a bit early; she is, after-all, only 7. But we're going to have a LOOONG, intimate relationship with this man; I figured we might as well get to know each other sooner rather than later. First step: pull 4 of her baby teeth to make some room in there. Then we can start the real fun of alignment. sigh. I used to joke that I should marry a chiropractor so that I could get his services for free. Now I'm thinking I may have to charm the orthodontist. Never mind that he's approximately 79 years old. He is a very cute old guy. Hey! I know! Mom!!! I found one for ya!!


jpogue said...

LOVE the pics! She's definately got dad's art talent. Hope they have a fun trip - is the little mrs. going too or just Anna and Eric?

kate said...

Are you kidding? She couldn't tolerate either of them for more than 24 hours. Nope, it's just the two of them, which I think is adorable. She's a daddy's girl. And as she likes to say, it's a good thing she has two of 'em! :)

Dee said...

How great is that to have two daddys ! They both love her and they even like each other. That is the coolest !
Yes, Anna does have artistic talent! Grampa passed it on to her and she has been enjoying the drawing most of her life. I love her pictures and the ideas of her drawings. Atta girl Anna.!!!!

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Yes, I love the family pics of all 4 of you.

Well, I'll be out on a man-hunt soon, so I'll find an othodontist for ya, sis. Unless, I find a shrink,... then sorry, my therapy needs trumps your orthodonist.

Celular said...

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Robyn said...

I love the artwork... so sweet! Can't wait till mine start bringing some home to me.

In other news, I am jealous that I am not getting hugs from Brazil. Hmph.

kate said...

Well Robyn, apparently your blog just isn't likeable or interesting enough. =) I'm sorry. :-) Brasil doesn't just comment on ANYBODY'S blog, you know. I'm special. A hug.