Thursday, December 20, 2007

warm woolen noses and raindrops on kittens

because my creative well hath run dry, today's post will be about a few of my favorite (very sweet) things:

from knitting iris, how gorgeous is this corner of her home?

I'm totally stealing this idea for next year.

from bella dia, this gorgeous handmade little felt house:

and also:

I just LOVE her sense of whimsy and sweet little details. I mean, those tiny flowers! The puff of smoke! Ack!!

This picture makes my ovaries explode:

from Pioneer Woman.

This picture:

and the stories about Charlie on The Daily Coyote.

This smiling CORGI puppy:

and last but not least, (because what would Christmas be without a little consumerism??) I can not stop thinking about this sweater:

How frickin' sweet is that?? Damn you, Anthropologie.


David said...

Oh my God you're a fem!

Dee said...

Sweeeeet! I love Charlie. I looked at that site and he's aa cutie. Great pics, thanks for sharing.

kate said...

David, this isn't news. You know I'm a Julie Andrews/Doris Day kind of girl. Remember? I surprise you in delightful ways?

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

David had better HOPE you're a fem, if you were otherwise, well we'd wonder HIM.

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

sorry,.. we wonder ABOUT HIM.