Thursday, December 6, 2007

my little drama queen

Yesterday, during a playdate, Anna hurt her ankle on a trampoline; she twisted it or someone landed on it...I never got the same story twice. When I came to pick her up, she was limping around (although she "forgot" every now and then) and worked it all evening. I don't doubt that it hurt, but there was no bruising or swelling at all. Nonetheless, she requested a "cast", because she was pretty sure she "broke it a little bit."

This morning, as she was getting ready for school, I made the mistake of mentioning that I wasn't going to work today, because Auntie Lala is in town and I get to spend the whole day with my sister! Of course Anna asked to miss school so that she could also spend the day with Auntie Lala. She tried begging, she tried crying, she suddenly developed a stomach ache, not to mention that she quite possibly has a BROKEN ANKLE and I was hurting her feelings by not taking her maladies seriously. I explained to her that I almost NEVER get to spend the day with just Lala (who lives in another state) and that it was important to me to have some time alone with my sister and that she'll see Lala tonight. And that short of the sudden onset of projectile-vomiting, she was GOING TO SCHOOL. She realized that her efforts were futile, so she put on a brave face and brightly said

"Mommy, I'm going to tell Ms. Cebriak that I hurt my ankle REALLY REALLY BAD but I can't go to the nurse and I can't go home because you're spending the day with your sister."

help. We are going to be in so much trouble when she's a teenager.

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Dr. Laura said...

Hey Kate,

Thanks for the note! You're our biggest fan! I'm finally looking forward to coming home but will still miss London terribly. It really gets under your skin.

Every one of your blogs about Anna could be featuring Saskia and the drama queen star. We are going to need lots more therapy.

It will be great to see you guys!

Oh, on the aebelskivers, I have a suggestion. It's called the Old European and it's on N Division.