Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August "meme"

One of my favorite bloggers, Cassie at Bella Dia ( ), has come up with a cool idea for daily blog-entries, and I've decided to play along. So in addition to my random ramblings, each day I'll post something new, A-Z, about some aspect of my life. Because Cassie lives in and writes about S. Idaho, I think I'd kick this meme off with something appropriate.

A :: is for Aspens. As most of you know, I recently went down to Ketchum for a peaceful, quiet :) weekend with my girl-friends. Having grown up in S. Idaho, that area will always feel like home to me, despite not having lived there for over 20 years. I love smelling the sage-brush as we drive through the high-desert, the first glimpse of the snow-capped Sawtooth Mountains, watching for the occassional antelope...but one of the things I love most about the beautiful Wood River Valley is the abundant Aspen trees. If you've never been there, Ketchum/Sun Valley is known as a ski resort. But summer is by far my most favorite time of year there. The surrounding hills are lush and green, the air is unbelievably clean and fresh, and everywhere you walk, there are hundreds of beautiful Aspen trees with their leaves shimmering in the light summer breeze. Growing up, we had a large Aspen in our backyard, and I remember during a certain time in my life (puberty) when it felt like no one understood me and I didn't fit anywhere, I'd lay for hours under that Aspen tree, looking up at the blue sky through the fluttering leaves, and finally felt at peace. To this day, hearing the sound of those rustling leaves brings me a sense of calm that I just can't explain.

So tell me, all three of my dear readers, what does A mean to you? Or better yet, if you have a blog (Lala, Heather, Jodi), how 'bout participating?


Linda, aka "Lala" said...

A is for "Actually", cuz,... Actually, I don't think I will do the alphabet everyday in my blog, but I DO like having a "theme" to give a daily blog some challeng, so I've chosen to come up with an appropriate quote for each day. (Which can be kind of tricky!) But I can sure comment on your daily alphabet. A-bsolutely!

Cami said...

Awww, lovely comments about aspens. I have to admit I kinda take them for granted at this point being surrounded by them, but your post gave me a renewed appreciation for them. I especially love in the fall when they turn yellow and flash their color as they shimmy and shake in the autumn breeze.

PS Sounds like you had a wonderful time on your last visit! If that were me, I'd need a vacation after the vacation to recover!