Thursday, August 23, 2007

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is for Washington. I grew up in Idaho, lived for 10+ years in Oregon and have now settled in Washington. Like Oregon, the west and east sides of the state are like night and day. Wet vs. Dry, Liberal vs. Conservative, Urban vs. Rural. I love how diverse this state is.

is for Wren. Canyon Wrens are my favorite bird. I've traveled a lot through the desert southwest, and always look forward to the first Canyon Wren song. It's always the thing that signifies, for me, that we are in country unlike any other. So many mornings, stepping out of a tent, looking up at the towering red walls and hearing that sound....aaaahhh...heaven.

is for Waldo Lake, one of my favorite places in Oregon. This pristine lake is one of the three cleanest/clearest lakes in the world. You can paddle out to the middle of the lake, look down through the bright blue water, and literally see 75-100 feet down...every fish, plant...every grain of sand. It's an incredible place.

is for Women. I am blessed to have such wonderful women in my life, family and friends. When I was young, my relationships with girls were so complicated. Competetive, sneaky, confusing, painful. For me, the best thing about growing older (and wiser) is the ability to have real, loving, trusting relationships with the women in my life. The line between family and friends has blurred: my mom and sisters are also my friends, and my friends are also my family. I love you all!!!


jpogue said...

We were so freakin' cute in those hats! That's one of my favorite pictures of all times!!!

kate said...

Me too....mine's the cutest! ; )

jpogue said...

That would be adorable with your vintage dress, sunglasses, and scarf on your bike! I'm still waiting for that picture!!!!

Dee said...

No, mine's the cutest ! We're all adorable !-----and this year we continued with "hats on the river".
So what's "X" ? x-tra-special ?

In reading all your blogs, it seems it brings back great memories and somewhat becomes a gratitude journal. love it !