Monday, August 6, 2007

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is for Fabric. Oh, how I love fabric. I've always been into textiles; it was my favorite class in college. And now I can't seem to stop buying it....but it makes me so happy.

Now if only I could motivate myself to sit down and SEW! I'm anxious to try some of the project from Amy Karol's wonderful new book.

and also for FUNNY:
Last night Bug and I were hanging out on the front porch. She was busy "fixing" things (ie. taking measurements and writing them down...we all have remodeling on the brain) and we were talking about the pros and cons of having siblings or not....I was talking about how, as the youngest of 4 kids, I got picked on a lot (all in good "fun" of course, ahem) and she hesitated, and then said "Wow. It sucks to be the runt, doesn't it?"


Linda, aka "Lala" said...

E is for "Excuse Me???"

You can't just skip from B to F! What happened to C? What happened to D? What happened to E for cryin' out loud! You just skip to F on your own accord! That's not following the rules...

And as long as we are on "Excuse Me!",... you were NOT picked on as the baby! You were coddled to and spoiled by every single one of us! The middle child is the one who gets teased and picked on. YOU didn't ever get closed into the scary basement!!!

Now that I have done "E" for you, how 'bout giving equal time to C & D.

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

I lupper!

kate said...

Oh really? Have you forgotten how ya'll practiced hog-tying on me?? And all the noogies and monkey-bumps I got? And how our brother stuck me, head-first, down a badger hole?? And we won't even talk about the time you all went to Disnyland while I had to stay home with Grandma. :)

And for the record, I'm corresponding letters of the alphabet with days of the month. bbblllpppttt (that's a raspberry)

jpogue said...

Oh! Oh! I have a word for F! I have a word for F!

What's that mean - corresponding letters of the alphabet with days of the month? What the hell's that got to do with anything?

kate said...

"Oh! Oh! I have a word for F! I have a word for F!"

Let's hear it, smarty pants.
It better not be Fart. Mom will still wash your mouth out with soap, you know.

jpogue said...

Well, it wasn't Fart.

jpogue said...

Hey, will you make me something with some of your new fabric? I don't care what. Just something. Perhaps - an apron?

kate said...

"I don't care what. Just something. Perhaps - an apron?"

Oh, aren't you funny?? Just for that, your apron will take an additional 9 months.

Anonymous said...