Thursday, August 16, 2007

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is for Portland, where we are off to early tomorrow morning. We'll spend time with David's mom (who's visiting Portland from Boston) and his brother and family. Two boys for Bug to play with! We'll also get to see my sister Lala for the first time since she relocated there, despite the fact that she compared me to a parrot on her own blog today.
is for Pumpkin, one of Anna's MANY nicknames. It's morphed into Punkin, Punkie, Punkie Pie and even, I'm afraid, Punkenheimer. Poor kid. Last night I said "I love you, Anna" and she said "My name's not Anna. It's Punkin."

is for Pizza, one of my favorite foods and also one of our favorite games, thanks to the wonderful book Pete's A Pizza. It's about a little boy named Pete who is bored because it's raining (which means he can't go outside to play) so his dad makes him into a pizza. This was one of Anna's favorite games when she was little and we lived in Oregon where, yes, it rainded sometimes. Here she is, when she was almost 3, as a banana/tomato favorite.