Tuesday, February 24, 2009

::pack your bags for a guilt trip::

One morning on Maui, David and I had early-morning plans for a boat trip out to the crater of Molokini to go snorkeling. We awoke, dressed, and quietly slipped out of the house by 6:00 so as not to wake anyone, including Anna.

I did, however, leave her a note:

Good mommy, right?


When we returned, every one had already left for the beach. We went to change clothes to go and meet them, and I found this on our bed:

In case you can't decipher her writing, it says:

"Hi. Never leave like that again ok, get it, got it, good. I woke up at 6:46 and was (sad) until 7:20 almost. I put my sunscreen on. Well, I will if we go to the beach. Next time you're not doing that again. Say GOOD BYE. "

I love how she apparently watched the clock to time her misery. Her drawings show the sun and a bottle of sun-screen squirting out on her arm.

And then there's me over there, snorkeling, blissfully having forgotten AAAALLLLL about my child.


robyn said...

Oh. My. GAWD.

I love how she tells you she put on sunscreen, then tells you she didn't yet, but she WILL.

Dee said...

I have never known a kid who wrote notes to chastise a parent! She doesn't hesitate to take you to task over a slight. In fact most kids don't even discuss problems-----they just pout. You may regret that she ever learned to A: discuss things and B: WRITE.

kate said...

Mom, I figure if she does become a writer, she can support David and I when we're old; she certainly has a flair for drama!

Fancy Schmancy said...

OOOOO, my son used to write me notes like that, too. I'd wake up to them in the morning. Now he's a teenager, he just ignores me instead!

Dee said...

I like your latest pic of you and Anna, tho we can't see much of her. Cute hat !

Anonymous said...

LOVE THAT. She's such a smart, sensitive and creative kid.

Blank Girl said...

Well, think about it! If you were 8 and flew all the way to Maui and you woke up just a FEW minutes late to find your mom having the funnest time snorkling... wouldn't YOU write her a nastygram??? BAD MOMMY!! (love it!) :)

kate said...

Heather, she knew we were going!!
We'd discussed it the day before. She was just mad that I didn't wake her up....but, I've learned a thing or two in the past 8 years and one of them is: "Wake not the sleeping monster for she will then breath fire and wail with the force of a thousand hurricanes"...and then we would have been late. :)