Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Favorite moments from our trip:

* Our first day there, taking the kids to the beach and watching Anna discover the joy of tropical water. Once "home", she wrote "I love Hawaii" on her leg...and then fell asleep before her head even hit the pillow.

* The first night with the windows open, one of the neighbors brought her guitar outside and began singing. She had the most beautiful voice; it felt like I was being serenaded by a mermaid! I was the only one in our house to hear her. (I found out later that she is an accomplished musician (her name is Erin Smith) and song-writer and even has a cd. We went to go see her play on our last night there.)

* Sleeping with the windows open and the ceiling fan on and the temperature being juuuust right

* Waking up each morning to the exotic chorus of bird song

* Fresh papaya and pineapple each morning for breakfast

* Watching Anna's face as she caught her first waves boogie boarding

* The beautiful warm, clear water and incredible fish

* Taking Anna snorkeling and her holding David's hand the whole time

* Snorkeling with David and hearing the humpback whales sing

* Seeing a huge sea-turtle swimming in front of us as we snorkeled behind him

* Learning to boogie board and the thrill of riding a wave all the way in to the beach

* The kids endlessly enjoying the tide pools and finding "treasures"

* The kids' excitement at discovering an orange tree in our yard and their joy at eating an orange they picked

* Anna announcing "It's time to go Gecko-hunting!"

* Going to the beach every morning and then returning to the house for a cool shower and lunch

* Sitting on our lovely lanai, enjoying the warm breeze and a glass of cold wine

* Staying in a house in the hills rather than a condo in "town"...it was soooo relaxing and quiet

* Fresh-from-the-sea Ono with fresh-from-the-tree-Mango salsa

* Getting to spend some time with just Jennifer and Nichole, lunch and shopping

* Arriving at the dive-shop at 6:00 am to sign in for our snorkel trip and unexpectedly seeing Rod and Julie and Clarissa walk through the doors; they had signed up for the same trip we did. It was a lovely way to spend some quality time with them

* Seeing dolphins leaping and sea turtles surfacing during that boat trip

* Taking the kids on a whale-watching trip and seeing their excitement at having whales surface and blow within just a few yards of where they were sitting on the boat

* The amazing turquoise water at Makena Beach; it is the perfect Hawaiian beach you envision in your mind

I'm sure I'll think of more. It was SUCH a wonderful, relaxing vacation, one that we, especially Anna, will never forget. David and I are already plotting our next trip...


Jodi said...

What a wonderful vacation! Someday Ival and I are going to do something like that. Someday!

JACKI said...

Wow! Sounds like you guys had a great time! I have to say, I'm a liiiiiitle jealous! Oh, and the pictures are great!

Dee said...

What a perfect trip! Your pictures, especially the scenic pics are professional----they could be used in travel magazines and brochures. The kids quite obviously had a marvelous time and as you said, will always remember it all. How exciting for them and for you----I'm so glad you got to go and are even planning another trip, just the two of you.
Thanks for sharing, I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great trip. But you didn't bother inviting me. I see how things are going to be. :)

Fancy Schmancy said...

It sounds delightful, I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time, I'm a little bit envious - especially about the dolphin part! Good for you!