Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Maui day planner

Here is our agenda for next week:

1. Wake up whenever we feel the warm trade winds wafting in through the window.
2. Dress according to the weather. Therefore attire for the day is as follows:

a) shorts

b) tank top

c) flip flops

3. Find coffee.

4. Pack swimming suits, towels, sunscreen and books.

5. Gather friends and family and head to beach.

6. Find a spot and get comfortable in the warm sand.
7. Lift head occasionally to make sure child hasn't become victim of shark or rip tide.

8. Wander down to beautiful tropical water to cool down and view amazing aquatic life.

9. Go back and lay on towel. Alternate between reading and dozing.

10. Consume as much fresh pineapple, guava, mango, coconut, fish and beer as possible.



robyn said...

Show off.

(I'm sorry, I can't help it with the snarky comments. Pleeeeeease take me!)

Ok, ok, have an awesome time. Can't wait to see pictures!!

Wanna share your reading list?

Jodi said...

Have a wonderful time sister!

kate said...

Robyn, that's been a problem for me, deciding what to read. When I travel I like to read something that takes place in the place I'm going to. But I couldn't find anything. I did find a book at the library about mothers and daughters traveling I'm taking that. And, this is random, but I've been waiting for years (literally) for this book to come out by Debra Gwartney called Live Through This. I heard her a couple of years ago telling her story on This American Life about her two teenage daughters who run away. They live in Eugene Oregon, where I lived for years. For some reason the story really resonated with me, both from the viewpoint of the mother and the teenage daughters. So...not exactly light reading, but I'm taking that.

Maggie said...

Maui = heaven. Family went there last February and man did it hit the spot. If I could figure out any way to get my job there I'd have to seriously consider moving. Sure, after awhile I might miss the grey skies and rain in the winter, but I think it might take a LOOOOOONG time for that to happen. Enjoy!

Dee said...

That is an awesome agenda. Try not to wear yourselves out----lifting your head once in awhile, walking the 50 feet to the beach ---and back. Whew !

Have a beautiful, relaxing, happy time on your Honeymoon.
love to you all !

robyn said...

Are you into history at all? What about James Michener's "Hawaii", or his Pulitzer-winning "Tales From the South Pacific"?

Whosyergurl said...



Blank Girl said...

Have a wonderful time for us!

Heidi said...

am so, so jealous.

Fancy Schmancy said...

Hope you have a wonderful time!

lb said...

Hey Kate,

You lucky dogs! I hope you get lots of island time. Saskia will be here from Sunday the 15th til Saturday the 21st. Please call if you'll be back in time to get the girls together.



Anonymous said...