Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Ok, the wedding date is set: it is September 13th in Boise. That means I have only 4 months to get skinny, instead of 9. Shit. (I probably shouldn't be eating this 4000 calorie almond-poppy-seed muffin for breakfast, hmm?)

It will be held at the barn in Hidden Springs, which is this very Pleasantville-like community where my mom and sister live. It's actually a lovely community in the Boise foothills, surrounded my hundreds of miles of hiking and mountain-biking trails. Anyway, the barn is sweet and charming, set amongst big cottonwood trees, and will be perfect for our CASUAL wedding. I tried to find a photo of the barn, but the only one I could find was here, on the Wildlife Journal page. Speaking of wildlife, it's not at all unusual to see antelope up there, and my sister has seen a WOLF crossing a field below her house. How cool is that??

And in keeping with my hillbilly family tradition, we'll be BBQing opposum.


jpogue said...

I'll go take a picture of the barn and email it you.

Anonymous said...

OK..you wanna get "skinny" in that time, it really is easy.
When you go shopping you are NOT allowed to buy crap..AT ALL.. If other people in your house want crap between now and then they have to buy it themselves and store it somewhere else. You are to eat every single time you get hungry...you hear me? You can only eat fruits..or microwave soup..or veggies...
Fat free milk and cereal is a good snack too..fiber is good.
Trust me you do that from now to Sept 1 you will be down 3 sizes.. and that means NO FAST food..you can go out to dinner but be smart about it..and eat fruit before you leave home so you are not so hungry!

kate said...

Wow, Mary Pat. You're brutal! You wanna come be my coach?? Actually, I have NO problem with fast food. My downfalls are (WERE) wine and ice cream. And the occasional poppy seed muffin. And, um, chocolate.

My new routine involves walking/running every single morning (and riding my bike a couple times a week on top of that), drinking plenty of water and seriously reducing my intake of sweets. I can't completely deprive myself of anything, or I'll go overboard the other way.

We’ll see. I’d be happy if I lost 15lbs, ECSTATIC if I lost 20.

Dee said...

The picture of the barn that you have there is perfect.
It always sounds easy to lose weight but anything that tastes good is bad for you. There's a theory now to just count calories, forget about counting anything else. Portions should be small and that's easy. GOOD LUCK !

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Well, heck-fire, sis, we is barbeequin' 'possum???

Sheeeit! I can't wait fer the big hitchin'!

(I'm practicing,... Jodi thinks I need to attract a hillbilly instead of a Pacific Nor' Westerner. Personally, I think I'll just go to the pound and get a dog!)