Friday, May 30, 2008

here's another question for you

Do you think suicide should be legal? Now, obviously if someone is going to off themselves, the fact that they might get a ticket if they fail probably doesn't cross their minds.

I'm talking about suicide if you know you are going to die: if you are very old or very ill and your quality of life is severely compromised with no option for improvement. Shouldn't a person be allowed to decide for him or herself that they are ready to go?

David and I watched a movie the other night, "Savages", in which a son and daughter deal with their father's old age and dementia. It was a very depressing movie (don't ask WHY we thought it would be funny and quirky, but we were wrong!) but it did get us talking.

Why, if it is completely the patient's wish to end his or her life, should the doctors and/or family not be legally allowed to carry out that person's wishes? Now, obviously the person should be of sound-mind in order to make such a request, and it should be regulated and carried out by a licenses physician. But imagine how many people are in nursing homes or hospice care, knowing that they are dying and wishing they could avoid all the pain and loss of dignity that comes with having to be cared for 24 hours a day. I would HATE to get to that point, and I would insist that David help me end my life. He says the same thing; so we have an agreement.

What do you think?


Robyn said...

Yes, I think it should be legal. ESPECIALLY in the circumstances you are talking about. I've spent plenty of time in the company of those in that situation, and it is crazy the hoops that have to be jumped through to keep them alive. That's the spot where our medical system breaks down the most.

Dee said...

Of course there is the huge probability of murder, using that law as an excuse. There are always those who abuse and overstep boundries. And there can be a fine line that can be taken advantage of.
Kevorkian was in all kinds of trouble and then died. Did he have help? (can't remember)

jpogue said...

If we can offer those on death row such a peaceful death, it should DEFINATELY be an option for those of us on the outside that would choose this option. Would probably have to be done in a hospital after proper paperwork was signed but it should certainly be provided to those who need it.

Dee said...

Now that's a good idea Jod.

Anonymous said...

Oregon has an assisted suicide law.As you can imagine it is heavily regulated.....I voted for it and feel comforted to know the option is there should I ever need it. Unlike you and David tho, Gary and I are on opposite sides on this one.I enjoy you girl's blogs...hope you don't mind if I comment now and then! Sheri

Blank Girl said...

I think it should be more socially acceptable, yes. I really like how the grandpa from Little Miss Sunshine went -- in a drug induced overdose. Something Hunter S. Thompson-esque would be way, WAY better than a slow or drawn out death.

kate said...

You're allowed to read and comment AS LONG AS YOU TAKE MY SIDE when I'm fighting with Jodi. :)

I kid, I kid. Welcome. I apologize in advance if I ever offend you. (and I will...)