Thursday, May 22, 2008

that's my kid

Anna has a friend over. Annie is 2 years older, in 3rd grade and is asking Anna which of the Harry Potter movies is her favorite.

I'm evesdropping while pretending to read in the living room. It's so strange to listen to my little girl, who not too long ago was all about horses and ponies and make-believe animals, suddenly navigating the waters of "big kid" conversations. Now, she's under social pressure to critique the Harry Potter series. What her friend doesn't know is that I won't let Anna watch Harry Potter movies, because I think they're creepy and too scary for my 7 year old. The only one she's seen was when she was at Annie's house.

Now I listen to Anna do the dance, try to avoid having to admit to her older and cooler friend that she has not, in fact, seen ANY of the other movies. Annie is suspicious, asking "If you've seen them all, which one comes after..." and "Which one do you think is the worst?" Anna tries to answer, naming (regardless of the question) the names of the only two titles she remembers having heard from the other kids at school.

Finally, exasperated but unwilling to admit defeat, Anna says "I guess if I had to pick one I'd go with Harry Potter and Aunt Martha."

Like my friend Katie used to say "Look 'em in the eye and lie your ass off".

Better yet, make 'em laugh.


jpogue said...

How funny is that, Harry Potter and Aunt Martha is my favorite too!

Dee said...

Well, I thought Aunt Martha just kinda ruined the whole movie.

Atta girl, Anna, -------she's holding her own. Those older girl conversations can be tough, and confusing. I learned all the things girls are supposed to know from older girls, only to find out it was ALL WRONG !

Anonymous said...

The conversations are pricless aren't they..

Good for her :-)