Wednesday, May 28, 2008

gratuitous bunny photos

Annie, Anna and Sydney, doing their bunny impersonations.

Thanks to Lala's suggestion, I made a "bunny carrier". This one is a bit too big, but he liked being carried around in it.

Anna and I fight over who gets to hold him. He's not going to want for attention in this house!

I love this bun bun.


Robyn said...

Too freakin cute. Love the sling!

jpogue said...

Aren't they just sweet! Ours is so loveable and it looks like yours is too.

kate said...

He is a sweetie. Anna pointed out last night that all three of us sisters have bunnies now!

He is so snuggly; he just burrows into my neck and will happily stay there as long he is allowed. I'm so glad we got him.

Dee said...

He is so sweet and cute and adorable. What's not to love !And the sling IS a great idea.

Cute pics of the girls and bunny!!